Welcome to SomeOddHat! Founded by Shane O’Halloran in early 2018, this blog documents his steady decline into madness as he attempts to make a name for himself in the field of creative writing. 

A massive fan of speculative fiction – especially dystopian and post-apocalyptic narratives – Shane’s work has appeared in a number of literary journals including: Ink and Voices, The Green Light, époque press, and AntipodeanSF.

When not writing short stories, he is busy (contemplating!) writing his first children’s novel, and a more adult themed sci-fi novel – both of which he plans on finishing in 2019. Progress on both will be published here via SomeOddHat and Twitter.

Shane is also experimenting with other forms of creative writing too. In 2018, he completed his first screenplay and hopes to develop more over 2019. He also is working on an ambitious graphic novel with a very talented artist in Poland. Again, 2019 will be the crunch year with this but given the amount of work involved in the production of this, it may take longer. Again, all updates about this and others to be published here.

As writing can be a lonely activity, Shane started the “Berlin Fiction Writers Unite” Meetup as a way to get in touch with other writers. Running bi-weekly, the group meets to discuss ongoing/new work, issues, and other writer-focused topics. The group now also now features a special “Read Aloud” function, where writers are given the opportunity to read passages from their work to get feedback and advice. As of December 2018, the group has over 340 members – and is growing! Feel free to come along if you are based in Berlin too.

Shane aims to post to SomeOddHat every other week but if you can’t wait that long, you can catch-up on all the latest developments via Twitter or Instagram. Feel like a chat? Reach out and let’s talk!

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